La Compagnie des Beaux Eaux sponsors Ft. Ouiatenon Blockhouse Events in 2020

Since 2018, la Compagnie des Beaux Eaux has sponsored 18th-century French re-enactor events at the Ft. Ouiatenon Blockhouse, a property near West Lafayette, Indiana, owned by the Tippecanoe County Historical Association.

Maple Sugar 1 2020On March 7, re-enactors from several states gathered at the “Sucre d’Erable a Ouiatenon” to reduce maple syrup into maple sugar, a practice common in this area during the mid-18th century when French habitants frequented the original Ft. Ouiatenon. The French learned this skill from regional Native Americans.

Heating the maple syrup in copper kettles for several hours and then placing the resulting sugar in period-appropriate molds occupied the day.

Maple Sugar 2 2020

About 100 local people came to observe and learn more about this historical time period.

We plan to sponsor additional events at the blockhouse throughout the coming year.

Maple Sugar 3 2020

Two French re-enactors use David’s chocolate pot and mug to enjoy period-style chocolat chaud, sweetened with maple syrup.