Photo of Marj and David, taken at one of their first feasts

One of the first Feasts Marj and David participated in.

La Compagnie des Beaux Eaux began in 1995 when Marj and David Hovde realized that our toddler daughter was too heavy to carry around at the Feast. Along with Roger and Eileen Strater (now retired from re-enacting), we started as blanket traders for a couple of years and then became merchants with our own booth so that we could display wares better. The Straters used to sell wooden camp furniture and hand-woven textiles.

La Compagnie realized that many vendors were not selling period-appropriate wares, so we conducted research by using printed sources and by visiting museums in the US, Canada, and Europe to see the original items. We attempt to provide period-appropriate items to the best of our abilities.

A few years later, Richard Pierson, along with his wife Julianne Pierson, joined us to offer hand-made beads and other period items. The Hovde children came to Feast each year, dressed in garb we had made and played with period appropriate toys that we acquired over the years. In 2016, Paul and Carol Rusk joined the Beaux Eaux team.

For further information on the historical research, here is a list of some of our research sources.

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