Marj Rush Hovde – Handmade Re-enactment Textiles

I create a variety of period-appropriate textiles including quilts, “housewives,” gentlemen’s banyans with caps, knitted voyageur caps, Scott’s bonnets, Monmouth caps, and ladies’ pockets. I base all my work off historic sources.

Each piece is individually made and unique. The photos on this page show what I have created in the past.

If you are interested in buying a piece or ordering a custom piece, please contact me on the “Contact Us” page.

Banyans and caps

Gentleman’s leisurewear. 100% cotton.  No visible machine stitching. Contact Marj for custom size, styles, or colors.

A man models a banyan, a historically accurate gentlemen's leisure wear, with matching cap.


Gentelman's 18th century banyon

Blue banyan 2015

Housewives or Sewing Kits

Hand Knit Monmouth Caps


Lady’s Pockets


calligraphy element

4 thoughts on “Textiles

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  2. That bottom one looks like an amazing rug! I love the center, and I love how all the pieces look random but were chosen to color coordinate! I do love the chinese look. How long did it take you? –Amesley

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